Remote Training Collar Fundamentals
Remote Training Collar Fundamentals
Remote Training Collar Fundamentals
Remote Training Collar Fundamentals

Remote Training Collar Fundamentals

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The remote training collar is one of the most controversial, but practical devices ever invented for training off-leash behaviors in dogs. However, the fundamental science behind its utilization for canine behavior modification is widely unknown by both the amateur and the professional dog trainer. As a consequence, training goals are seldom realized, leaving the trainer frustrated and the dog, confused or afraid. 
Understanding how to properly pair the device’s haptic signal with established on-leash behaviors and knowing how to apply the signal at the appropriate correction level is vital to your dog’s ability to reliably respond to your commands with confidence and speed. In this three-part video, you will learn:
  • The intended purpose of remote training collars and how it became “the tool” to achieve off-leash reliability in your dog.
  • Which remote training collar is best suited for your training goals.
  • Safety features required by the USDA for all remote training collars and how they may impact your intended use of the device.
  • The study of semiotics and the vital role it plays in your dog’s understanding of the haptic signal provided by the remote training collar.
  • How to “pair” the electrical haptic signal of the remote training collar with established behaviors.
  • When and how to utilize your remote training collar at the proper “correction” level to achieve absolute reliability by your dog to any given command you give.
  • How to use your remote training collar to eliminate nuisance behaviors such as counter surfing, chewing on furniture, digging holes in your yard, scratching doors and windows, and many more. 

Please note... If you are planning on participating in the Advanced Obedience Challenge, the Remote Training Collar Fundamentals video is included in that challenge. 

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