Tether Tug
Tether Tug

Tether Tug

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The zoomies... That period of time where your puppy or dog acts like it's gone bat %#@! crazy, tucking its rear and running like a mad dog around your house or in circles in your yard. It usually happens in the evening when YOU are wanting to wind down and relax. 

Meet the one toy that will allow you to continue to relax, but will defeat that frenetic energy. 

The Tether Tug.

We offer two sizes of Tether Tugs. The Small Tug can be used indoors or out and is perfect for puppies or dogs under 35 pounds. The Medium Tug is for outdoor play and is best for dogs 35 - 65 pounds.

Bryan and I have used the Small Tug indoors for our German Shepherd puppy, Castel. Just secure it under a couch leg and watch the fun unfold. Castel plays SO HARD with hers I'm waiting for the couch to flip over backward...

Sit back, watch, and enjoy while your pup chases, runs, jumps, and tugs. AAAHHHHH... peace.