Biothane Quick Snap Collar

Biothane Quick Snap Collar

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The saying goes, "Complexity is the enemy of execution."

With the Biothane Quick Snap Collar, sizing your dog's remote collar every time you want to use it becomes a non-issue. Simply use the buckle to correctly size your dog's collar the first time, then use the quick snap to put it on and take it off. Easy peasy...

All the details...

  • Biothane 32" long collar, ready to be cut to size. Includes buckle for initial sizing and quick disconnect for easy on and off thereafter. 
  •  Fits approximately 10"-22" necks with one receiver attached. 
  • 3/4" size fits the Educator FT-330 and the FT-330/RX-070 Combo collar.
  • 1" size fits the Dogtra ARC Handsfree